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Tips on working on relations

Mysterius has its own base of relations analysis and divides it on 6 categories (and 5 – in mobile version)

Coincidences and Fate (Coincidences)

Relations harmony (Harmony)

Opposites’ unity (Energy)

Conflict and quarrels (Energy)

Patience training (Trials)

Key to development (Development)

Each category (zone) implies its benefits and dangers, its method to use positive sides and work on negative ones. When working on relations, it’s possible to bring each zone to its maximum potential, and in such a way any relations can be developed, to make them stable and based on trust, love and mutual respect.


How to use

When you’re reading the main analysis, you observe the relations’ general potential, the relations that might have been several years of living with each other later, when you know each other well. At that we suppose the relations develop naturally.

In the main analysis.

Coincidences are interpreted as real coincidences, similarities in character and fate

Harmony – as complement, help to each other

Opposites’ unity – as contradictions

Conflict and quarrels – as conflicts

Patience training – as intricate situations which result from living, unsolvable ones. As tests.

Key to development – as changes and news.

The worst variant of relations development – which will be the cause of break up

Coincidences become a method to lose yourself, one dissolves in another, losing his/her outlook on life and the partner’s respect. Couple is pursued by misfortunes, nasty accidents.

Harmony - partners become relaxed, lazy, they lose any motivation to be all there. Partners clam up, external world becomes uninteresting to them.

Opposites’ unity. Partners observe contrasts in the perception of life which are quite opposite to their opinions. Irrepressible conflicts appear, which weaken the couple in general, as none of them can completely realize his or her own case scenario, another prevents him or her.

Conflicts and quarrels – constant conflicts, pettifogging, mutual irritations. The couple experiences “cold” and then “hot” war.

Trials – in the couple’s life situations appear which cannot be overcome in their opinion. All attempts to find a method of solution are useless. These situations are felt like lack of freedom, dependence, humiliation, something unbearable.

Key to development – one of the partners develops, and another doesn’t, they’re growing apart – or partners don’t accept changes in their lives, resist to them. The couple is isolated between habitual things and household cares. Life becomes boring, tasteless.

The best result in case of working on relations

Coincidences – easy change of partners in such a way that they become the vivid organic whole (they’re similar in outward appearance, they have similar values). The couple is pursued by success and happy accidents.

Harmony – each other complement, which significantly widen the couple’s choices. Excellent mutual understanding, the feeling of peace and joy in company with each other.

Opposites’ unity- revealing in the partner your lacking qualities, each other qualities use as complete addition to your own ones.

Conflicts and quarrels - energy, relations’ brightness - drive to adventures, support of each other in resistance to the outer world, in struggle against problems. The companions in arms.

Trials - give stability, they go together like salt and pepper, they can rely on each other in any situation. Long, stable relations. “They lived happily ever after and died on the same day.”

Key to development - partners contribute each other development as personalities. The couple constantly widens their focus of interest, influence and opportunities.

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