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It’s Misterius.pro project

We created this project for those who want to build stable happy relationships.

For those who want to find his better half.

For those couples who want to understand their partners,

solve conflicts, change minuses into pluses

and be happy together for life.

Mysterius:Description Our project description, how does it work.

How to use  You can use Mysterius for express analysis of new acquaintance, including business acquaintance, to solve conflicts or fence mending.

Research project  Why we consider Mysterius a research project and not fortune-telling or magic essence.

Some bits of advice  The same paragraphs of your results may work to your benefit, disadvantage or be reduced to nothing. Further details how does it work.

More information on each zone of relationships
How do they reveal, what pluses and minuses they have.

  • Coincidences - chances, connections, similarities, opportunity to become organic whole or lose yourself.
  • Harmony - joy, enjoyment, affection, help to each other – or couples’ retiring into their shell, laziness and development stagnation.
  • Trials (patience training) - irrepressible conflicts, responsibilities, lack of freedom - or stability reliability and long-standing relations.
  • Development – family’s success and each of its members – or break-up resulting from the fact each develops in different directions.
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